Hello from the editor

With a lot of hard work and fun the debut installment of Ascendance is finally here.

It’s been just two months since I decided to begin this adventure. With half an idea and a world of frustration I began piecing together a small but brilliant team of creative people to help me launch this thing and I believe that we have managed to pull together some beautiful words and pictures for you.

To get the brilliant Nicki Donohoe to be our first cover model was an absolute coup! We also have some brilliant models and creatives alike featured in our fashion, beauty and feature pages!

Ascendance is of course a work in progress! Over time it will grow and flourish into what we hope will be the place you will come for your fashion, beauty and portrait fix for decades to come.

Ascendance will not be a weekly, monthly, bi annual or succumb to any new “deadlines” kind of magazine. It will be organic and the pages will grow when we feel the creative need to add to it! We will of course scream from the rooftops each time we have new words and pictures for you to view. Be sure to check our social media feeds and the magazine itself for updates.

We are of course always looking to work with new faces, creatives, writers etc, so if you would like to be involved, check the work with us page and drop us a line.

I would like to finish by saying a massive thanks to all who have been involved so far, for you hard work and having faith in what we are trying to do here.

Finally, I would like to dedicate Ascendance Magazine to my girl Kirsty, for her unquestioned support and belief in me, which I could have got Ascendance moving without

Here’s to more words and pictures soon, we hope you enjoy!

Lance Burkitt (Editor)