slim slacks…..

We take a look at this years Autumn/ Fall trends for men…

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“Twenty years ago it was all about being a businessman and having a wife and children and hiding sentiments. Men seemed frustrated and unhappy. Today, they’ve been liberated and are much more serene and self possessed. We’re in a world where men have discovered their own identities and discovered it’s bello to want to be beautiful. Men like being liked and like taking care of themselves, but not in a narcissistic way-it’s not muscles at any cost. They do so with great spontaneity, self-irony and balance. When it comes to clothes they love to change their outfits according to the occasion. More than being fashionable, they’ve developed a sense of style and understand the function of clothes.” – Dolce and Gabbana, Milan

Dressing right gets tricky when summer turns to fall. It’s too warm for tweed, but shorts just don’t feel right anymore. Now that the key pieces for fall/winter have been showcased we have to look ahead to what’s next. Sharp monochrome patterns, sophisticated sportswear and earthy influences are all set to make an appearance next season, so we’ve the latest trends for you. This piece gives you the right doze how to get it right this fall and winter. There has been a gradual shift towards a unisex fashion trends including colour palette in recent seasons and fall 2014 is no exception. The hues will undoubtedly play an integral role in men’s fashion this fall. Similar to the women’s fashion this season’s men’s collections have also been inspired by a need to explore, travelling back in time or into the unknown resulting in more adventurous use of colour, fabric and pattern through combinations.

Slim slacks

Designers have called an end to the trend of loose trousers that have been filtering through for the past few seasons. The sixties Beatles inspired stovepipe slacks are back, cropped around the ankle and worn with bulkier layers on the top.

luke for ascendance


Designers have taken a ‘more is more’ approach to practicality, over sizing roll necks and adding fur to collar. This coming season invest in the raglan sleeve raincoat something which is less structures with sharp shoulders.luke for ascendanceAdditionally, while big-knit fisherman’s jumpers will be essential for your downtime, fine-gauge roll necks will protect your neck and will look extremely stylish under your black tie attire. Get down with quilting for those icy winter days when wool just won’t cut in. Look out for eye catching, slimmer cut styles in a series of geometric patterns.

luke for ascendanceColour:

Orange is the new black. The bold colour is perfect for bringing some warmth to your winter get-ups. Another shade that is ludicrously easy to wear this season no matter what your style is the dark, leafy green. All black outfits will be prolific this season, which can be livened up by white trims and monochrome patterns. Radiant orchid, a fascinating purple and bright cobalt blue will be quintessential statement colours this season bold and charismatic shades prevalent in everything from sportswear to shoes. Pair these hues with sea fog, a more masculine representation of mauve mist, for a powerfully poised fall look.

luke for ascendancePrints and Patterns:

Linear designs will be everywhere with horizontals across track jackets experimenting with dimensions on balmacaan coats.

luke for ascendance Classic checks, polka dots along with more contemporary animal inspired and geometric motifs, whether you’re a timeless and refined dresser or like to make more of a statement, it has never been easier to individualise your colder weather outfits. Not just your average picnic table print, gingham was the print of choice for many labels which used the print on three-piece punk skirt suits.

luke for ascendanceAccessories

Big, boxy bags are good news for hoarders. The oversized leather bags are the next season’s obsession. Invest in one essential accessory this season and be it the fedora. Not only can you pull of a gangster headgear but also combat the wet weather.

luke for ascendanceHair:

Clean shaven and wet look hair smart, side-parted styles slicked back with gel are worth giving a try next season.

luke for ascendanceWords: Asma Khurram

 Images: Lance Burkitt © ascendance magazine 2014

Model/ Styling/Hair: Luke Barrow

Photographed in and around New York Studio, Rotherham